Little Theatre: The Moon


„Little Theatre: The Moon” to nic innego jak „Mały Teatrzyk: Księżyc” w anglojęzycznej odsłonie.

English description:

Little Theatre is a unique item which can be described both as a picture book and as a creative toy. This is a project of two young artists who were inspired by the Japanese theatre of illustration and decided to launch a very special offering into the market. Inside the box you will find richly illustrated cards.

They form a pictorial story entitled “The Moon“ – a tale which does not need words and yet tells more than them. How to read it? You will easily get to know that from the instruction placed on the back of the first card. Everyone who holds the book might become the narrator of a story.
Now then, open the “Little Theatre” and bring your own version of this wonderful fable to life.

Enjoy the magical world of “The Moon” and help the hero find his big dream!

Illustrations and concept: Dobrusia Rurańska
copyright by Mały Teatr Ilustracji, Warsaw 2017

Produkt dostępny na zamówienie


Everyone has their own big dream.
Some of us may even have more than one.
Sometimes we get the courage to make them come true.
The most important thing is to reach for the stars and not
miss out on the things that happen very close.

– Dobrusia Rurańska, the author

Dodatkowe informacje

Wymiary pudełka

21.5 x 2.5 x 16.5 cm

Wymiary kart

21 x 14.8 cm (A5)

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Rodzaj papieru

karton jednostronnie powlekany, 350 g/m2

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